Hand Deconstruction


 The highest benefit AND best value for homes that meet the criteria. A free preliminary tax donation assessment of the salvage materials allow you to compare deconstruction to demolition and make an informed choice. 

Hybrid Deconstruction


 Man and machine work together to maximize salvage recovery and diversion with minimal cost - for homes that fall between Green Demo and Hand Deconstruction in respect to salvage value. 

Green Demolition


 Maximum diversion for homes with limited salvage material value.  We'll manage your project's waste stream and ensure your materials do the most good and the least harm. 

Salvage and finish stripout


 Materials salvage and non-structural strip for your remodel or addition.  Special care is taken to get your project ready for its next step.  Sustainable practices for any sized undertaking. 

Hazardous material surveys


  Asbestos, lead, mold, household hazardous materials.  We'll provide the Washington state required inspection of your site and provide you with expert analysis on how these materials will impact your project and get you one step closer to getting your permit issued.



Our services are build-ready.  Demolition permits are granted by the Seattle Department of Planning & Development with a project's new building permit meaning that final plans have to be in place and approved before any work can be done to remove a structure on your site. However, deconstruction permits are given priority by DPD and they can be granted prior to your building permits being issued.  This allows Dedicated to get started on your project earlier and gives your general contractor and architect time to do their work while we do ours.  Because some of our meticulous processes aren't quite as quick as traditional demo's excavator smash-and-grab, deconstruction does take a little longer than traditional machine demolition but permitting advantages can make up that difference in a big way.

FULL HAND DECONSTRUCTION gleans the most benefit from material rich buildings by disassembling these structures from top to bottom. We start by stripping out light and plumbing fixtures, furniture, built-ins and appliances, cabinets, doors and windows. Then we work on the structure itself, denailing, processing and bundling every piece of salvageable dimensional lumber for reuse from rafters to floor joists.  Along the way, we carefully manage the project's waste stream and keep costs down by source separating recyclables like non-salvage lumber, drywall, metal and concrete, making sure that the most good comes out of the structure and stays out of the landfill.  If this sounds expensive, remember that for clients whose homes or commercial buildings meet the salvage value potential, the full hand decon is the most effective method for producing the maximum cost recouping tax benefit.  After taxes, some of our hand decons even pay for themselves!

HYBRID DECONSTRUCTION provides another option for buildings with lower or moderate salvage potential. By combining some of the methods of hand deconstruction with machine demolition, we maximize salvage recovery and diversion at minimal cost.  Our team starts the project with hand salvage, stripping available materials from the structure and preparing the site for the excavator.  Then our machine operator meticulously demolishes the building, carefully source separating recyclables and picking out desirable lumber for salvage when possible with an eye toward material reuse and minimal environmental impact.  The truncated hand salvaging process of hybrid decon still earns a meaningful tax benefit and our client can rest assured in the knowledge that they made a green choice for the planet and for their pocketbook.

GREEN DEMOLITION yields the maximum diversion for structures with low salvage value.  Our goal here, as with all of our methods, is cost effective salvage for the materials we can save and responsible waste stream management.  Comparable in scope to traditional machine demolition, this process focuses on expert planning and oversight to ensure the careful source separation of your project's recyclable materials, allowing them to be put back to good use outside of a landfill.

Our SALVAGE & FINISH STRIP-OUT gets your remodel or addition project off on the right foot whether you're building out the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, adding space for a growing family or completely gutting an old house and starting over.  Our team is made up of meticulous professionals- not your average careless and messy demo crew.  We maximize your project's value in salvage and recyclable materials to get you the most bang for your buck and surgically strip interiors and exteriors to your precise specifications, carefully removing the surfaces or structural elements you need gone and leaving what's staying behind clean, unblemished and ready for the next phase in the life of your home.

We offer HAZMAT SURVEYS & CONSULTATION to help you fulfill the asbestos and lead survey requirements for your project by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Labor & Industries of Washington State. We're certified AHERA and dedicated to minimizing any risks associated with hazardous materials on your site.  We'll let you know what you're up against, how it can impact your project and how to deal with it safely and cost-effectively.

Visit our Philosophy page for more info on deconstruction, salvage and the Dedicated approach.​

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