Our approach is a pragmatic one.  We know our incredible clients care about how their project impacts the environment, but they've also got a budget to work with.  It's critical to us that we provide our customers with the competitive, cost-effective services they deserve along with the ability to pat themselves on the back for doing what's right for the planet.  Dedicated offers a range of green deconstruction services. We'll tailor a plan to suit your project's salvage potential and your specific needs, timeline, budget.


Your choice to work with Dedicated Deconstruction is turning thousands of tons of building materials into sustainable local jobs.  Deconstruction ensures that your project's salvage and recyclable materials will be reused at the highest industry rate, supporting our local economy through Dedicated and our subcontractors and recyclers, salvage retailers and Seattle's savvy salvage consumers.  When you choose deconstruction over demolition, you're rewarded with a charitable tax donation savings that puts cash back in your pocket and allows Dedicated Deconstruction to compete with the traditional demolition industry, becoming a change agent within the culture of waste that dominates it.


Every building that goes up is made of materials that took time, energy and money to produce, transport and build with.  When you choose to deconstruct, you ensure that the value in those materials and the embodied energy they hold doesn't go to waste in a landfill.  As salvage specialists, our expert eyes are trained to recognize the benefits that your project's materials can provide you, the local economy and our global ecology.

So what is salvage?  Salvaged items can include doors, windows, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, appliances, furniture, flooring, and even framing lumber and roofing materials.  We partner with The Reuse People, the nation’s non-profit leader in deconstruction for over twenty years, to optimize your project's salvage value.  Then our crew gets to work producing those materials for reuse.  When the project is completed, the materials are redistributed through one of TRP’s local partnering warehouses and our clients claim their value as a charitable tax deduction.  Structures who meet or exceed the criteria often produce substantial donations- some even large enough to offset the cost of deconstruction.

Here in Seattle, we're proud to have salvage retail partners at Second Use, Ballard Reuse, Earthwise and Habitat for Humanity.